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SHINee WIN Global STAR and Total Winners from the ’2011 SBS MTV Best of the Best’ awards

On November 28th, MTV Korea kicked off their ‘2011 SBS MTV Best of the Best‘ awards!

A special online voting system allowed fans to log into MTV and pick the ‘best’ entertainers of the year. There were 13 categories, including Best New Artist, Top Rival, Global Star, Artist of the Year, and much more!  These award categories were broken down intro three segments: Music Video, Live, and Idol Theme.

Check out the winners below and see if your favorite entertainer made it on the list! (Top 3 winners are listed under each category, 1st place is bolded)
====Music Video Segment=====

▲Best New Artist
Boyfriend (36.36%)
B1A4 (36.13%)
Block B (11.54%)

▲Artist of the Year
TVXQ (26.34%)
2NE1 (25.79%)
Super Junior (23.73%)

▲Best Male
U-KISS (38.68%)
GD&TOP (22.05%)
TVXQ (12.97%)

▲Best Female
2NE1 (38.86%)
SNSD (19.4%)
Brown Eyed Girls (6.13%)

===Live Segment===

▲Top Rival
Super Junior vs Big Bang (55.74%)
SNSD vs Wonder Girls (15.31%)
2PM vs B2ST (17.83%)

▲Global Star
SHINee (32.3%)
Big Bang (24.53%)
TVXQ (14.11%)

▲Boy Group
Big Bang (28.19%)
TVXQ (16.98%)
Super Junior (15.44%)

▲Girl Group
SNSD (33.15%)
2NE1 (32.86%)
f(x) (9.29%)

▲Hot Debut Star
B1A4 (37.26%)
Boyfriend (36.78%)
Block B (10.59%)

==Idol Theme Segment==

▲Who would be the most successful if they released a solo album?
[Big Bang] Daesung (11.92%)
[SHINee] Onew (10.64%)
[TVXQ] Changmin (7.23%)

▲Most Intellectual Idol?
Big Bang (25.49%)
[SHINee] Onew (9.69%)
[TVXQ] Changmin (8.82%)

▲Best Mood Maker?
Big Bang (29.02%)
B1A4 (6.58%)
Super Junior (5.62%)

▲Which idol do you want to invite to your Christmas Party?
Big Bang (24.35%)
[SHINee] Onew (8.21%)
[TVXQ] Changmin (7.38%)

Congratulations to the winners!

Source : SBS MTV
cr: allkpop

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